MR & MRS ROSS | the moon and sixpence muldersdrift weddingNovember 6, 2012

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 I saw Kresha & Warren for the first time at a wedding I was covering earlier this year. They seemed like such a happy couple – needless to say, I was really excited when Kresha phoned me a few months later to discuss her own wedding. I loved their Newtown engagement session (click here to view their engagement session); it was so easy to work with them. Warren wrote an awesome poem about how they met for their engagement session’s blogpost – this cute story of how they met made me even more excited to cover their wedding!

Their wedding was on the 29th of September 2012 at the lovely Moon & Sixpence wedding venue in Muldersdrift, Gauteng. I love how relaxed the atmosphere was and all the laughter that was shared on the day. There were so many emotions during the speeches and so many guests dancing by the end of the night!

Mr & Mrs Ross added some twists to the wedding – their wedding was themed around several characters, mainly cartoon characters, and they even had a lightsaber battle during their first dance!

Here’s what Kresha has to say about their wedding decor:
Warren and I are both a bit off the wall with regard to our humour. We wanted our wedding day to be fun and playful for everyone involved, without losing the importance of the day itself. We decided on our theme simply by taking some of our favourite cartoon, movie or gaming characters. When we named our tables, we also tried to match it somehow to the people we had sitting at those tables 🙂 I wanted our guests to have a good chuckle when they saw that they were seated at the “Spongebob” table and that the place cards had little Angry Birds hanging from them.”

I asked Kresha to write me something personal for this blogpost and I received another poem! This is Kresha’s response to Warren’s poem:

I may not be as good with words
as my loving counterpart,
but here is the tale of our engagement
from the very start.

Subtlety is not a trait
that I generally possess.
So for a year prior, I hinted
at every ring, every venue, every dress.

We sent my ring off to the shop,
(I designed it myself you see).
Waz made it clear that there had been delays.
“The machines are faulty”, he’d say to me.

As a result, the thought did not cross my mind
when he called me that Friday
‘Please go home during lunch’, he asked
‘the oven repair man is coming our way.’

Lunchtime came and I did as I was asked,
slowly making my way back.
However there was no electrician when I got there,
just a smiling boyfriend and a car that was packed.

Off we went to places unknown.
I had not a single clue,
where we were going, why I did not know about it
or what he was planning to do.

Makoya Lodge, in all it’s beauty
was our destination.
In the heart of Muldersdrift,
a gorgeous natural creation.

At dinner, we were the only people;
(the hostess seemed to mess with Warren’s plans).
I had noticed some strange behaviour from him,
and a constant tensing of his hands.

We made our way back to our room
in the freezing cold.
Huddled over the tiny room heater,
it was then that Warren’s truth was told.

Down on one knee, ring thrust forward.
His loving words like a sun shining bright.
With tears in my eyes, uttering “Yes, of course”
He stood, lifted me off my feet and held me so tight.

After the phone calls, bouncing and photographs,
I was told it was time for bed.
In my state of ecstasy I laughed,
thinking Warren had lost his head.

Woken up at 5:00am on the Saturday;
I was so confused by it all.
I put on as many clothes as I could find
and walked through the dark, trying not to fall.

When we made it to the field,
I could not believe my eyes.
For what lay before me was truly magnificent-
a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise!

To say my engagement weekend was amazing,
would not give Warren the credit he is due.
He did everything he could and more;

it was memorable, special and perfect– it’s true.

Kresha also has some advice for other future brides:
Have fun!! Every bride wants her day to be perfect, but to be honest, if you just allow yourself to enjoy yourself and have as much fun with your man as possible then you will realise that all the tiny little things really don’t matter.

I really enjoyed being a part of this couple’s amazing story!
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Ross!

Kresha & Warren recommend the following suppliers:
Cake – Magnolia Cakes (website)
Dress – Morgan & Brown at Stoneridge Shopping Centre (website)
DJ – Perfect Tone (website)
Flowers – Sally’s Flowers based in Dowerglen (contact details)
Decor – Expovent Evolutions (website)
Pastor Jaco Lawson ( | 084 991 1806)