KRESHA & WARREN | newtown urban e-sessionOctober 9, 2012

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Kresha & Warren wanted an urban look & feel for their engagement photoshoot and Newtown was the perfect spot! I’ve always wanted to do an e-session in this part of Johannesburg and it was such an awesome experience. When we arrived at the spot for the shoot, it was occupied by construction vehicles, but this didn’t stop us from hunting down some other spots in this exciting part of town (and on that note, thank you to the shop owners at 44 Stanley in Auckland Park who allowed us to take some photographs there on such short notice)! Kresha & Warren are such a photogenic couple and I adore how naturally they posed for the camera.

I asked Kresha & Warren to write me a paragraph on how they met. I did not expect Warren to write a whole poem!
Here’s Warren’s adorable poem about their love story (and it’s a really cute story as well!):

“Once upon a time, in a land just down the road

There stood a little school, where the little kids would go

The teacher’s name was Kay, and she taught a little boy

She loved him very much for his presence brought her joy


Yet unbeknownst to most, she plotted secret plans

To hook up with his sexy dad: a single, hunky man!

She accessed all his details, his e-mail and his cell

She learned his ID number and his undie-size as well


He never had a freakin’ clue that he was so adored

Every time he fetched his kids he always seemed dead-bored

“Kids” is plural, did you say?  Quite right: he had a girl

But Kay cared not, she’d have her shot, her heart was all-a-whirl


She skulked about in shorty-shorts and midriff-baring tops

Nothing seemed to catch his eyes, much less make them pop

Despairingly she “Facebooked” him (is that a proper word?)

And finally he caught the hint, her longing feelings heard


Waz (that was his name, you see) was thrilled but had some doubts

For she was hot and young and smart and sexy when she’d pout

And so began their happy tale: a lovely, lusty stew

A storied journey of a love that grew and grew and grew


Today they stand abreast, as one, about to start a life

As partners in a web of dreams: a husband, and a wife

They’re not sure where the roads will lead (and not sure if they care)

They’ll stretch their legs and join their hands and chase them everywhere”

Just a week after this e-session, Kresha & Warren said their “I do’s”. So keep an eye on the blog for the blogpost of their beautiful wedding day, but in the meantime here are some photographs from their e-session 🙂