MR & MRS GRIFFITH | backyard weddingMay 18, 2012

posted in Real Weddings

I met Zoe & Andrew on the day of their wedding, not being sure what to expect, but was pleasantly suprised to meet this very lovely bridal couple. Zoe is a self-proclaimed tomboy, which I find very hard to believe as she looked angelic on her wedding day. This wedding was such great fun for so many reasons. Guests came from all corners of the world to celebrate their wedding. The reception was held at Andrew’s aunt’s absolutely gorgeous home & so much effort was put into every detail of their wedding day: the origami birds hanging from the trees, the perfect lighting, the elegant decor and the divine food and drink.

I also absolutely adore the way Zoe & Andrew met. Even though they were both on different corners of the world, they found each other on a chatroom. After many years of being nothing more than really close online friends, they decided to meet up in Eqypt which was half way between both of them. Sparks flew & they’ve been together ever since!

Zoe strongly recommends her hairdresser, Zita (contact number: 083 227 2839) and Sounds Xtreme.